Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fairy December

Hey girls! Still waiting me? ***cough*** yeah, i hope so. Yes, first i want to say HELLO DECEMBER!! :))) this is my first blog in December. Hope you like it and more falling in love with my blog. December, yeay! all of you waiting christmas holiday, right? Hm ME TOO!! 
After christmas is new year. Oh its really fast. What are you doing on christmas holiday? Have a party? Yes, this is little idea from me for you. Enjoy! 

I really love this dress. So classy and looks petite. White dress with cat headband. Choose soft colour. Like soft pink or blue sky. If you want neon colour choose purple or pink.
For shoes you can choose pump heels or gladiator shoes. 

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Enjoy your christmas party or new year eve with white dress. Seriously, white dress makes you beautiful and cute^^

{ white dress - cerychan // cat headband - stephanieshop // pump heels - nine west // photographer - Antoni 089676435631 // model - Jennifer }

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