Monday, December 9, 2013

Little Rock

Plaid shirt by Zara and peach Long sleeves by Colorbox look match with studded skirt by Colorbox and studded sling bag. actually, i don't know how to "mix to the match" this outfit. 
You know, one week ago i bought 10pairs socks. Hahahaha the socks are really cuteee. So i bought all of them>< of course this socks i wear.

Here for detail :)
Yap! Pink stripes socks with sneakers wedges by GOSH :) 

boy-girl cap :D looks boyish hihihi
I just tried to compare printed t-shirt and plaid shirt. What do you think? Match? 

Thanks to ORE Premium Store! So vintage and fashionable! Oh, thank you to your "Carpentier" kitchen. I love your virginia cheese fries and chocolate milkshake:D really delicious! 

Place : 
ORE Premium Store
Jl. Untung Suropati 83, Surabaya

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  1. you look super cute and pretty
    lovely blog
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