Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hi! I'm back!! Now, I'm at Senior High School. Yap, my mom always tells me that senior high school is really fun, unforgettable, and will miss every moments. That's right! But, many assignments are waiting me right now. It's okay, now I don't care about it, 1 week ago i had sweet escape with my mom. I really enjoyed my spring "holiday" in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is city of dream. Why? Hong Kong's economy is characterised by free trade, low taxation and minimum goverment intervention. Many people come to Hong Kong and falling in love like me and maybe Hong Kong is great city that all Chinese people proud of.

Who doesn't love Disneyland? Disneyland is still happiest place on earth right? Look! The tickets are really cuteeee!

what a cute waffle?! It's really delicious. Just HKD 50.

It's Golden Mickey show! That show is really popular in Disneyland Hong Kong. If you go there maybe you must watch the show. It was really really nice show. 

Wait my next blog!
upcoming blog : my outfit for spring holiday

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pastel to Dot

Hello there, sweetness! Still waiting me?
Hm, 2014 = busy year HAHA . Bcs I have many exams like mid-test, final-test, and national exams. And manyyy school assignments. So i didn't have time to write blog. I actually still have a lot to do. So forgive me if i have to make this post so short and sweet~~  Yap, but i really miss to write blog><
Scroll down please^^

When the new year started, i was thinking of new things i can do with my blog. To stay fresh all day long, I wore this polca crop tee by Topshop. 
Pink pastel ripped hotpants by Stradivarius 
Beanie head : Soak Ngalam
It means Kaos Malang~~~
Pink bow ring bg New Look // ethnic bracelets by


Monday, December 9, 2013

Little Rock

Plaid shirt by Zara and peach Long sleeves by Colorbox look match with studded skirt by Colorbox and studded sling bag. actually, i don't know how to "mix to the match" this outfit. 
You know, one week ago i bought 10pairs socks. Hahahaha the socks are really cuteee. So i bought all of them>< of course this socks i wear.

Here for detail :)
Yap! Pink stripes socks with sneakers wedges by GOSH :) 

boy-girl cap :D looks boyish hihihi
I just tried to compare printed t-shirt and plaid shirt. What do you think? Match? 

Thanks to ORE Premium Store! So vintage and fashionable! Oh, thank you to your "Carpentier" kitchen. I love your virginia cheese fries and chocolate milkshake:D really delicious! 

Place : 
ORE Premium Store
Jl. Untung Suropati 83, Surabaya

Saturday, December 7, 2013

@ootdindo on Instagram

Yay! 1706 likes<3 thanks likers! I'm so glad to know this one. So proud!!
Thanks @ootdindo :) 

Love, Jennifer

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fairy December

Hey girls! Still waiting me? ***cough*** yeah, i hope so. Yes, first i want to say HELLO DECEMBER!! :))) this is my first blog in December. Hope you like it and more falling in love with my blog. December, yeay! all of you waiting christmas holiday, right? Hm ME TOO!! 
After christmas is new year. Oh its really fast. What are you doing on christmas holiday? Have a party? Yes, this is little idea from me for you. Enjoy! 

I really love this dress. So classy and looks petite. White dress with cat headband. Choose soft colour. Like soft pink or blue sky. If you want neon colour choose purple or pink.
For shoes you can choose pump heels or gladiator shoes. 

Repost from

Enjoy your christmas party or new year eve with white dress. Seriously, white dress makes you beautiful and cute^^

{ white dress - cerychan // cat headband - stephanieshop // pump heels - nine west // photographer - Antoni 089676435631 // model - Jennifer }

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cool and Colorful

Hey! This is my first blog! Not first.. But my first fashion blog:D 
I thank God for my best friend Antoni, Who turns out to be my best outfit photographer ever. And Tiara, she helps me to choose the oufit. And Jeje! Lol:)) he's my best friend too. He's so naughty, but he's really care to me!:)) and he helps me to bring my stuffs bcs he's fat:D 

I just bought this crop tee last year. Yeah, i never wear it. Coz i don't know where to wear it. I just practically like I wore on this post. Hah!:D you can wear it to hang out with your friends! Its really fashionable. Cs "GEEK" is booming! Than a geek crop tee with red leather skirt and aclyric clutch. 
Oh! Maybe you can wear on christmas holiday:D stay fashionable;) 
Here the details and store :)

Yes, you can choose white socks to compare with the outfit and pump heels. You can buy them at Centro Dept. Store :) 

And you choose pump heels by Nine West. So comfortable! Looks pretty right? 
And you know! I just bought my sunglasses at Mango. And Mango had really big sale. So, i got really really cheap price. Seriously, i dont expect it:))))
Geek crop tee and red leather skirt, hmm you can find any where.. Maybe Topshop or Stradivarius! I love them<3

Hope you falling in love with my first fashion blog:)
 Thanks for coming and enjoy!

Friday, October 18, 2013


Yaay! Cover GADIS 😜
Model :: (from the left) Jasmine Kezia and Jennifer Septiana
Photographer :: Tody H.
Pengarah Gaya :: Lucia Leaf 
Edar :: 18 Oktober 2013