Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pastel to Dot

Hello there, sweetness! Still waiting me?
Hm, 2014 = busy year HAHA . Bcs I have many exams like mid-test, final-test, and national exams. And manyyy school assignments. So i didn't have time to write blog. I actually still have a lot to do. So forgive me if i have to make this post so short and sweet~~  Yap, but i really miss to write blog><
Scroll down please^^

When the new year started, i was thinking of new things i can do with my blog. To stay fresh all day long, I wore this polca crop tee by Topshop. 
Pink pastel ripped hotpants by Stradivarius 
Beanie head : Soak Ngalam
It means Kaos Malang~~~
Pink bow ring bg New Look // ethnic bracelets by


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